Navarathri utsavam comes to an end. Karpagambal goes back to her abode 

After having been at the Navarathri mandapam for 9 days and having provided darshan in a different alankaram on each of the evenings of the utsavam, Karpagambal made her way around the temple on a procession with a tall canopy atop her to musical rendering and the blowing of the conch just after 9.30pm on Thursday evening.
A lot of the buzz on the evening centred around excited devotees talking about the access to the temple on Fridays and the weekend. Hundreds of devotees stayed back late on Thursday for this procession.
Just before her entry into her abode, the Sripatham presented the snake dance much to the delight of the devotees.
Report, photo by S. Prabhu

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