This comedy stage comes alive again. But needs full house shows to sustain.

The pandemic has hit hard the world of arts. And the artistes whose lives depend on the pay or the renumeration that can be wayward most ordinary times too.

A small community, catering to recent needs and tastes are the stand-up comics. Live shows is what brings them much attention and some profit too.

But if making people laugh is serious business, managing the comic shows is hard.

And that is what Evam, the city based entertainment company is learning now, as it gingerly re-opens its shows in the city.

Evam has this exclusive space in Hotel Savera on Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai that hosts shows that make you laugh and have a good time while you also get to snack or have a drink.

SOCO – South of Comedy, it is called and is located in the Bamboo bar space at this hotel.

SOCO had to close six months after it launched due to the pandemic last year.  It opened again in early October and got a good response to the first run of shows here by local comics.

But Evam’s Karthik Kumar has little to celebrate though on social media he told SOCO fans that the first set of shows were sold out.

Says Karthik, “Full house is half capacity ( as per state rules). We are operating at 50% capacity and hence the rental numbers are difficult to achieve as before. Even if I fill the 50% capacity it barely breaks even.”

Karthik has lined up more shows on weekends, hoping that the current conditions also allows his company to experiment and shuffle plans, even cancel a show that costs big.

But he and the comics who make this small community of artistes hope that the pandemic conditions improve further and this allows the state to okay 100% capacity in entertainment spaces like SOCO.

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