GCC addressing issues of flooding off Dr Ranga Road but residents want long-term solutions.

Dr Ranga Road is dry. It was flooded when the rains came down hard.

But Dr Ranga Lane, closer to the Warren Road junction is still standing in rainwater that now stinks.

This morning, the GCC team arrived to get to work.  A JCB is seen excavating the earth on one side of the main road, creating a drain-like waterway.  It is not clear if additional drains will be laid to lead the floodwaters in the lane flow into a bigger drain now and be effective when the monsoon revives.

Meanwhile, the Dr Ranga Lane near the Ellaiyamman Temple also faces water logging.

Harieesh posted on the newspaper’s FB page that flooding happens ‘because of non functioning SWDs.”

He continues, ‘Even if it rains for an hour, the road gets flooded and enters some of the ground floor houses. This being a dead end there is no way for the water to flow and has to naturally dry up. The SWD ( drain) needs to be reworked on the whole of Dr. Ranga Road stretch from Suraksha Eye Care clinic to the Nandalala Temple which will make water flow into the Cooum river.’

Since GCC does not seem to share maps and ground reality of the SWDs, interested residents have no clue if GCC’s monsoon-fighting are for good or piece-meal efforts to set right big worries of the day.


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