Rowing resumes at Madras Boat Club

Rowing on the Adyar River was revived a few months ago after the pandemic break. Now, efforts are on to get all  member rowers to be regulars on the river banks off R. A. Puram.

On one recent Sunday, the leaders organised a fun event that saw members row all the way to Whale Island that lies opposite the TN Music College campus on the north bank.

The monsoon clouds, the shy sunshine and the November chill made this outing welcoming.

But rowers are most happy with the quality of the water.

Says S. Karthik, assistant secretary, “I have never seen such clear water in the Adyar before. I think this is so because the sewer outlets are shut and the sand bar at the river’s mouth is being cleared often to allow water flow in and out.”

Karthik says he observes fish jump in and out of the river when he rows here, which is almost every day.

That Sunday’s rowers were on the 8s, a boat that calls for some expert managing – so the teams had experienced as well as junior rowers.

A row from the Cosmopolitan Golf Club end to the Broken Bridge end in the east and back to the Club point covers some 9 kms plus. While a row from the Boat Club to the island and back will cover about 5 kms plus.

Rowers are regrouping now after the long break. Also, Karthik says the Club does not have a coach and is looking for a new one.

The Club has always invited students – college and school ( 11 years and above) to become members for a small fee and learn rowing – some youths have taken to it seriously and taken part in state and national championships.

Karthik says youths keen to row here can apply now.

Besides, the Club through its CSR project is nurturing a bunch of local area school students in rowing.

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