This watchman has created a crib for Christmas at San Thome park

If you were to walk into the Infinity Park located off San Thome High Road, you will get to set your eyes on a little Christmas crib that has been set up near the gate.

This is the season to set up a crib, decorate a tree or hang a lit star.

But here at the Infinity Park, a unique space where less abled children have specially-designed spaces and accessories to enjoy  and amuse themselves with, it is the watchman who has set up the crib all on his own.

“I respect all religions,” says watchman Ravi, who has been at this post for over three years. “Last year, we just put up a lit star but this year I did the crib.” In this, he says three civic workers here helped and Ravi spent the money to get this up.

Now, he lights up when mothers bring their children to the crib and let them drool over it and ask questions.

“For Deepavali we burst crackers. Let me see what we can do for Pongal,” Ravi says.

A resident of Kunrathur in the city suburbs, Ravi is at the park 24×7 and visits his family once in three or four months. “I have two daughters and have got them married,” he says.

He has his hands full at the park, especially during public visiting hours.

“I make sure everything is peaceful and neat here,” he says. And yes, after the pandemic regulations were softened, special children have begun to visit Infinity Park again.

The park is located near the Registration Office and behind the local Amma Unnavagam. It was a project funded by Chennai Corporation based on designs and ideas from architect Kavitha Selvaraj and her company and now supported by Appaswamy Builders.

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