Madhava Perumal on Hanumantha vahanam: at brahmotsavam

It was a clear devotee favourite at Sri Madhava Perumal Temple on Thursday evening.
After a longish wait, Madhava Perumal emerged majestically out of the Alankara mandapam
at 8.30pm on the Hanumantha vahanam that sent the devotees in raptures.
The Chitrai brahmotsavam is on here.
A big crowd gathered at the raja gopuram to watch Madhava Perumal in a silk green
vastram stride out of the temple carried by Hanuman with his two hands.  The huge colourful garland added
to the beauty of the alankaram.
At the four-pillared mandapam, Madhava Perumal listened to the opening verses of Kulasekara
Azhvaar for whom Lord Rama was a favourite.
Through the Madhava Perumal Street, residents came out of their homes to watch this special vahana favourite of theirs with parents carrying their young children on their shoulders to get them to have a close look at Hanuman.
Though it was past 10.30pm, there were still a few devotees waiting at the eastern raja gopuram  when Madhava Perumal returned to the temple to have a final glimpse of the the Lord atop Hanuman.
– Report, photo by S. Prabhu

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