Chennai Corporation sells manure on Marina on weekends. You can order large quantities too.

Chennai Corporation is aggressively marketing the manure it produces locally from garden and vegetable waste.

Last weekend, its staff and an animator were seen selling the manure at a stall set in the sands alongside the service road of the Marina beach, behind Gandhi statue.

The GCC conservancy inspector here said that about 42 kilos of manure was sold on the Sunday morning. A kilo is priced at Rs.10 now.

“We target the walkers on the Marina and sales are good. We plan to be here on the Marina and sell on weekends,” he added.

The manure is made at the GCC recycling points in Mylapore – inside the crematorium campus behind DGP’s office, under the MRTS elevation off the bridge on Kutchery Road and outside Mandaveli MRTS station.

Vegetable waste supplied by Urbaser Sumeet staff who clean the local area  is segregated, chopped into bits and dumped in pits. It takes 2/3 months to turn into manure.

GCC intends to recycle vegetable waste locally and encourage people to buy it.

If your colony or campus needs a few kilos of manure, call the GCC Conservancy Inspector at the GCC office off Sringeri Mutt Road – 9445190626


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