Battery carts back on Mada Streets, to transport senior citizens to Sri Kapali Temple

There is a simple, timely facility for senior citizens and the disabled visiting Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.
The two battery-driven carts presented by Sundaram Finance in March 2020 to transport seniors to the temple are back on the Mada Streets. The service is free.
The launch had taken place just a fortnight prior to the national lockdown when the pandemic broke out and hence, the two golf carts had remained unused.
Senior Mylaporean K. R. Jambunathan says that on a recent visit to the temple’s community hall near Saibaba Temple, he saw the carts in a corner, unused.
Temple authorities told Mylapore Times that a driver each has been exclusively assigned for this service and that it will shuttle between the Sri Kapali temple tank and the eastern raja gopuram during the darshan hours.
Driver Munuswamy said that devotees have begun using this service in the last few days and expects this to pick up once the word goes around.
One problem these drivers face is of people hopping into the cart to do their shopping, and so asking it to be stopped at points on the street.
Report, photo; S. Prabhu

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