Portion of wall of house on Dr Ranga Road collapses in rain: may have been weakened by drains work here

A portion of the wall of a bungalow on Dr Ranga Road ( eastern side) collapsed during overnight rains.
The portion has fallen into the newly built, but half-finished storm water drain which is being built in this area.
Local people this Monday morning said the ongoing stormwater drain work could have weakened the wall base and led to the collapse.
Drains are being built since May in two sections of Dr Ranga Road – one from the C P Ramaswamy Road side and one eastwards from the Warren Road junction side.
The rains of Sunday night has caused flooding in the half-built drains on this road and this will delay work.
For some weeks now, the residents on the west side of this road have been badly affected by sewage pollution and power drops caused by often crude methods of work on the drains.
<< If the rain badly affected your area, please share information here.

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