Gym at Nageswara Rao Park locked; most accessories here are either damaged or vandalised

The open-air gym in Nageswara Rao Park in Luz has been locked for some days now.  Much of the exercise accessories are damaged or broken.

The caretaker staff at the park says that since some equipment has been vandalised or broken down, the area had to be locked up.

Said the staff, who did not want to reveal his name, “The park rules state that people below the age of 15 are not supposed to enter the gym, but most children ‘play’ with the equipment and most parents also support their wards in  breaking these rules. Misuse led to break downs.”

You peep inside and notice that the sky-walker and the cross trainer have broken down. Also, pieces of the arm wheel, leg press and the cycle are in a bad state. In the recent rain, a tree branch fell on a piece of equipment and damaged it.

The gym was set up by the former Mylapore MLA, R. Nataraj with support from outside. But there is nobody to regulate its use.

Sundaram Finance takes care of the park and the gardening staff devote much time to the maintenance of the sprawling green space. We are told the staff cannot deal with people who steal saplings, vandalise and even slip in after dark to consume liquor.

The gym was popular with many people, with women keen to use it.

“We need physical workout these days and those who cannot afford a gym utilise this park facility. I miss it now,” said Malathi, 35, homemaker. 

Added Fathima, another home maker. “This open-air gym has helped us a lot with our mental as well as physical health. We hope the equipment can be set right soon.”

  • Reported by Sowmya Raju, an intern with Mylapore Times.

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