Tribute: Saroja Kameswaran, senior Bharatanatyam teacher and Rosary Matric faculty icon

A senior Bharatanatyam guru and longtime dance teacher at Rosary Matric School, Saroja Kameswaran passed away Monday, at about 11 am.

Her family said she collapsed in front of her pooja room; she was to have been taken for a medical consultation later in the evening.

She was79.

The funeral is to be held on Tuesday, August 9 at about 10.30 am at the Mylapore crematorium.

A prominent dancer in her younger days, Saroja was also the dance teacher at Rosary Matric School for Girls in San Thome, for over 40 years.

Alumnae recall that she was so good at working with students in the junior classes that they would make the classical dance moves from the time the guru gently introduced them. “She had a way with children and she taught them only classical dance. Her pieces would be at the core of all school events,” said Deepa, dancer.

Saroja also ran her own dance school, Mahalakshmi Natyalaya in Mylapore, located on Bazaar Lane. She taught Bharatanatyam to generations of students here.

Contacts – 9841220818 / 9841885564.

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