Dharini Komal’s new play ‘ Draupathi’ is in poetic Tamil. Show on Sept.23

Theatre person Dharini Komal has a new Tamil play on stage. And this weekend, she is staging it at Narada Gana Sabha, ticketed show.

The play Draupathi is on the ‘epic woman’ of Mahabharata and is presented in a poetic form by Komal Theatre.

The play, for 130 minutes in a poetic Tamil and is written and directed by Dharini Komal with music by Raj Kumar Bharathi, a well-known music composer and director.

The play describes how a woman of Dvapara Yuga is deceived by circumstances. . . .how she is torn between the power struggle and the ego of men . . .how she is forced to accept situations for the sake of people surrounded her and managed all of them and succeeded . . . how she dealt with by five husbands . .

The play was inaugurated in August and is to be staged again on September 23 2022, at Narada Gana Sabha , Chennai. Tickets are available at book my show online and at the auditorium on day of show.

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