This Navaratri workshop for children has zip, colour and fun

The Ram Leela with Raas Leela Navaratri workshop conducted by Deepa V. of Baala Vidhya at R A Puram was all about laughter, chitter-chatter of the young  Ramas and Sitas who bonded over stories with theatre of Rama Leela.

A parent from Mylapore whose child took part said, “My son got home and enacted Rama and Vanaras the way it was shown in the workshop. I was so happy to see this.”

The small group of children enjoyed art, dancing to the rhythmic beats of Dandiya Raas  and Garba.

“It was lovely interacting with these enthusiastic  young minds”, says Deepa, who has been running this initiative for the past  four years. All the props and  materials for the art work were created and hand-made at home.

  • Photo: V Deepa
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