Cothas Coffee moves to new place on mada street, busy as ever

The coffee shops on mada streets of all kinds are busy most parts of the day.  And now, Cothas Coffee, which used to operate out of a nook on the Chitrakulam’s edge, recently moved to a new location closeby, in the building where The Law Weekly is based. Opposite Surya Sweets.

The new Cothas spot looks brighter and swanky and has all the designs of a smart coffee place, including bar-style high stools, smart light shades and full displays.

And it is a busy place, so getting to the stools isn’t that easy, with three people hanging around to get their hands on a cup of coffee, some asking for it strong, some medium, some less sugary.

Cothas also sells a range of coffee powders, accessories, cold coffee and such asides and even tea, from the premium end.