Impromptu sale of ear rings, bangles on beach sands ends crafts workshop in Pattinapakkam

When a bunch of women, some in their 30s, some in their teens see some of their craftwork bought at a pop-up sale, there is much joy.

It happened on Saturday evening in a corner of Pattinapakkam.

These women have been attending a four weekends crafts training project, led by trained craftsperson Kolavizhi of Mylapore.

The group learnt the craft of making colourful bangles, fancy ear rings and cloth covers, among other skills. The workshop heldĀ  every Saturday, was in a prayer hall sandwiched between housing blocks and illegally built huts.

Social worker Kavitha Benni has been the co-ordinator.

On Saturday, the group placed all the products they had done on a table in the open air where the community congregates and offered them for sale. Some were sold on the spot.

“We want the group to realise that they can use their skills to make small, attractive things and sell them,” says Kolavizhi.

This project series is supported by Mylapore Times Charitable Trust. To donate, call 24982244.

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