Kallukaran Street community offers free karate training classes, weekends. Invites teen girls to sign up.

The Kallukaran Street community in Mylapore comes up with small activities which serve the interests of various age groups here.

This is the community whose residents put their hands together to clean and restore a smelly, dirty area that messed up their lives.

,Now, karate classes are being offered to the young and old. A symbolic launch was made last weekend to mark the birth remembrance of former India president, A P J Abdul Kalam.

Activist and resident K R Jambunathan says after Deepavali, regular karate classes will be held on weekends in the colony.

He says, “We welcome even children from local areas. We want young girls to join because karate trains them to defend when attacked and gives you self-confidence and character.”

Classes are free. Master Kumaraguru leads the classes.

Call Jambunathan at 9840142678