One hour of steady rain and Dr Ranga Road is flooded

One hour of steady rains on Friday morning and residents of Dr Ranga Road are throwing up their hands in despair – for a section of this busy road is flooded, with water washing what little is left of the pavement.

Two residents mailed photos of the ground situation, showing how the water had stagnated because there were no clear outlets for it to run off into the new drains.

It may be recalled here that massive work has been undertaken in this area for the past six months and more, to lay new, large drains but the work dragged on, was shoddy and some jobs in the eastern end are still not over yet, with JCBs seen at work earlier this week.

While ministers, the Mayor, MLA and GCC officers and even the chief minister have made visits to the C V Raman – TTK Road – Seethammal Colony zone where drains were laid, areas which were flooded in the past monsoons, they have not turned their eyes on Dr Ranga Road.

  • Photo: Srinivasan N.
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