Sri Kapali Temple: Veda parayanam during Kantha Sashti utsavam revived after decades

It had been a historic tradition at the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple for the Vedic members to present Veda parayanam at the Singaravelar sannidhi during the Kantha Sashti utsavam in aippasi. However this had come to a halt a few decades ago.

On Tuesday evening, on Day 1 of the Kantha Sashti utsavam the Veda parayanam saw a revival thanks to the initiative of temple executive officer, D. Kaveri.

Sri Venkata Ganapathy ganapadigal, who is anchoring the Veda parayanam recital, told Mylapore Times that while Veda parayanam takes place on all the days of the Panguni utsavam and during the sacred month of Karthigai, the recital during the Kantha Sashti Utsavam had stopped.

“The temple officer  is keen to revive all the historic traditions of the temple and this presentation of the Veda parayanam is due to her proactive support”, he said.

Kaveri was present in the evening during the Veda parayanam at the Singaravelar sannidhi and presented sambhavanai to all the members who presented the Vedas on Day 1 of the Utsavam.

The Veda parayanam will take place in two separate sessions in the evening on all the days of the Kantha Sashti utsavam.

The Navarathri Mandapam was beautifully decorated for the start of the Kantha Sashti utasvam. Just after 8pm, after the Deepaarathanai,  Singaravelar was taken on a small mada streets procession.

The popular Soora Samharam event will take place this Sunday evening on North Mada Street while on Monday (Oct 31) evening, Thiru Kalyanam and Yaanai Vahana procession will take place.

  • Report, photo; S. Prabhu
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