All about Dikshitar’s music. Daylong concerts on Sunday at Raga Sudha Hall, Luz

For Carnatic music rasikas, especially those who have a special place for composer Muthuswami Dikshitar, this Sunday, the daylong event celebrates his music.

Guruguhaamrta, headed by artiste G. Ravi Kiran has been, for some years now focussing on Dikshitar’s music, the popular event of the year being the contest for music students devoted to the composers music.

On Sunday, Nov.6, at Raga Sudha hall, Luz, there are a series of concerts, starting at 9 am with nagaswaram music by Mylai Karthikeyan. Concerts through the day feature wellknown artistes, the event ends with the grant of prizes to the contest winners and a concert at 7 pm by Aishwarya Vidya Raghunath.

Open to all.

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