New Tamil play starring ‘Kathadi’ Ramamurthy is light while sharing some social messages

Tamil plays that star the veteran actor Kathadi Ramamurthy are clean fun with some social messages thrown in.

S. L. Nanu, who has written and directed Stage Creations’ new play ‘Jugalbandhi’ had its premiere at Narada Gana Sabha in Alwarpet on Saturday evening, to a decent audience on an evening when it did not rain. Kartik Fine Arts events this was.

Messages on dementia, senior citizens, homes for seniors and child adoption laced this new play but it had lots of moments of laughs, some of course from the staple Tamil stage lines you can expect at any play.

The pace was good, so in less than 90 minutes, the audience had a good time, going by their response all through.

Kathadi Ramamurthy was in his elements, punching his lines, some light some serious with ease.

This play is being staged Sunday evening at R. R. Sabha.