Auto drivers use outflow of flooded rainwater to water-wash their vehicles

Some auto drivers who use Dr. Ranga Road have found a novel way to use accumulated rain water that gushes into a private sump in a campus located off this road. 
They waterwash their three-wheelers in this clear water that is being pumped out onto the road.
On Thursday morning, Saibaba Temple stand auto driver Hari who has been in this line for the last 15 years, washed his auto here using the water that was being let out on to the road through a long pipe.
He said he had seen other auto drivers doing this the previous days. ‘”A lot of mud had collected in my vehicle after the rains and this was a useful way to clean it up,” he told MylaporeTimes.
Auto driver Ravikumar of Luz Circle auto stand  joined him and began giving his auto a waterwash.
These people seem to be putting to some good use wasted rainwater.
Report and photo: S. Prabhu