Karthigai Veda parayanam is now on at Sankara Gurukulam

Continuing the over six decades tradition,  20 Vedic members have begun the mandala veda parayanam at the Sri Sankara Gurukulam on C P Ramaswamy Street in Abiramapuram.
Each of the four Vedas will be recited every evening over the next month and a half.
R. Chandrasekaran, a retired civil engineer, is the grandson of  Thethiyur Subramanya Sastrigal, a Vedantha scholar who founded the Gurukulam.
Chandrasekaran told Mylapore Times that his grandfather installed the idol of Adi Sankara and started the Sri Sankara Gurukulam, set up in 1947 with the idea of organising Advaitha Pracharam and promoting the concept of Sanathana Dharma.
“Vedantha lectures, Ramayana and Bhagavatha Pracharams take place through the year at this Gurukulam”, he said.
The Mandala Veda Parayanam in Karthigai was started at this location way back in 1957 and this has taken place every year over the last 65years.
– Report, photo; S. Prabhu