Monsoon: New drains on San Thome High Road prevent flooding. For years, sewage and water stagnated

If there is one road which people of San Thome zone are glad has been well prepared to deal with monsoon time problems, it is San Thome High Road.

This is a key road which was always flooded, not just with rainwater but with overflowing sewage. And the problem remained for years. All this remained even though this road is used by judges, ministers and bureaucrats headed south, from the R A Puram – Adyar side.

Now, the new drains on the sides of this busy road are set, the waterways are fairly okay and the inlets and during the past three days of the monsoon, there is no sign of flooding. The water drains off, local shopkeepers said today.

They say GCC needs to maintain the drains, cleaning them post monsoon if they are to serve the civic need for some years.