Big gathering at midnight Christmas Holy Mass at local churches

The Saturday rain was a damper on the open air Holy Mass celebrations that were planned in all local churches. This is a time when, at each church, a large number of people attend Mass and exchange greetings.

But those who enjoy midnight Holy Mass kept their date.

So while the hundreds of chairs placed in the campus of San Thome Cathedral were soaking in rain water, Holy Mass, first celebrated in English and later, towards midnight, in Tamil saw a packed church.

In the altar zone, were the four Advent season candles, all lit for the occasion and in the middle of the Mass, a statue of baby Jesus, was unveiled by the priests.

The church in Luz, Our Lady of Light Church, ( first photo) was also packed for the midnight Holy Mass. The priests here presented symbolically, a statue of baby Jesus to the congregation, signifying the birth of Jesus.

Midnight Masses were celebrated in other local churches and in the inner streets of the neighbourhoods of San Thome and St. Lazarus Church Street zone, many a house had lit stars and illumination.

Photos 2 and 3 are scenes at San Thome Cathedral



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