Sashiko at the Sabha: a demo of traditional Japanese stitching at Narada Gana Sanha canteen Friday evening

If canteens, besides the music and dance concerts are drawing you to sabha campuses this ‘season’, welcome to some Japanese art on Friday at one sabha campus.

Sashiko at the Sabha, an Inchworms activity is to be held on Friday, Dec.30 2022at Narada Gana Sabha campus canteen, from 4.45 to 5.30 pm.

Who are the Inchworms?

Inchworms are a group of creative women interested in all types of fibre art that includes quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery etc.

This motley group of talented women meet regularly to develop their creative artistic journeys at THE SQUARE INCH, India’s first quilting studio at Thiruvanmiyur, under the aegis of Tina Katwal.

What is Sashiko at the Sabha? Every year, Inchworms get together and go sabha hopping to enjoy the margazhi vibes and check out the latest culinary creations of the sabha-hired caterers.

This year, a few inchworms are doing an online course on Sashiko, a type of traditional Japanese stitching. The course is run online by Kazue Yoshikawa of at Sashiko.lab from Kyoto, Japan.

The group is nearing the end of the course and is keen to do the last few final stitches of the Sashiko at the sabha canteen even as the members dig into bajjis and polish the coffee.

For the uninitiated, what is Sashiko? Sashiko is a type of traditional Japanese embroidery or stitching used for the decorative and/or functional reinforcement of cloth and clothing.

For more information, contact : Varsha Sundararajan, 9551118323

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