In Chitrakulam streets, music, dance and stories greet people on Day One of 2023

On a misty Sunday morning, on a new year’s day, dance teacher Padma Raghavan worked on her patience. Some of her dance students had not got to her on time. And here she was, at the Sri Vendanta Desika Temple, Mylapore keen to start her annual margazhi procession on Day One of the year.

It got going at a quarter past 7 a.m, and suddenly this street was waking up to music, story-telling and dance.

Silambam – Mylapore, the classical dance school that is run by Padma S. Raghavan organises Margazhiyin Mahathvam on the first day of the new year.

“This event is to celebrate the month of margazhi in the traditional way and we did it last year too,” said Padma.

While Padma’s students were singing and dancing in praise of the Lord and Andal, as they did the rounds of the mada veethis of Chitrakulam, the interlude of kathakalakshepam by dancer, show anchor and story-teller, Sasirekha caught everybody’s attention this Sunday morning. Sasirekha enjoys this role on sabha stages and in open spaces and she revelled this morning.

Perhaps, the cutest scene was the young girls performing kolattam at a few stops.

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