At Ragas Coffee in Abiramapuram, there is lots on, of coffee

Ragas Coffee opened shop earlier last month in Abiramapuram 4th Street. It is a well-designed compact space where the roasted seeds are freshly ground, as per the customers’ choice.

The store prepares grinds of different sizes and combinations.

The different brewing styles and the equipment to be used for the same can also be chosen by the customer. Ragas Coffee has different varieties of coffee and also, different blends to suit the customers’ liking and that is its USP.

The store also sells manual brewing equipment like Hario V pour over, different coffee pots and French Press for the coffee lovers. Simple ones start from Rs 1500.

The shelves here are stacked with printed material on coffee, brewing recipes and methods. The unique Araku Organic Coffee and single estate coffees are sold here.

The shop’s name has a music logo with it. Says Suresh Ramanathan of Ragas, who is a Mylaporean, “There is a deep connect between music and coffee”.

If you have time, Suresh. can talk long on coffee. On the varieties of Arabica and Robusta seeds including Mysore nuggets and Robusta kaapi royale. 

“More than selling coffee powder, I love to share facts of coffee to whoever comes by. Chicory less, milk and sugarless coffee gives the real flavour and that is the secret of a good coffee,” adds Suresh.

Having worked in star hotels in India and in US-based cruise lines for 15 years, he has filled the walls of Ragas with information on coffee, he collected over the past years.

For strong filter coffee lovers, customised chicory blends of ratios like 80:20, 70:30 and 60:40 are available.

Ragas Coffee is at 28, Abiramapuram 4th Street, close to C P Ramaswamy Road junction, Mylapore. Phone: 9840334813

  • By V. Soundararani
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