1008 women carry pots of milk to Kolavizhiamman temple for a long abishekam

This is the grandest annual ritual for Kolavizhi Amman of Mylapore.

When 1008 women carry pots filled with milk, from Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple to the Amman’s abode a couple of kilometres away, chanting her name all the way.

There is a certain order and plan in the execution of this ritual, with the 1008 pots laid out in the big temple, filled with milk, handed over to each participant and an orderly procession.

This event took place this Sunday morning, March 12.

And at the Amman’s abode, one pot of milk after another was poured on the goddess for the long abishekam, carried out after the procession has reached here.

This ritual is observed on the eve of the start of the annual Panguni utsavam of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.

In a few days, the very first act of the utsavam will be seek the blessings of the grama devathai, the amman here for a blessed observance of the utsavam.

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