Chennai Metro tunnel-boring machines at work from R. A. Puram work zone

This was once a popular playground in R. A. Puram.

Now, the place looks like an industrial zone in Ambattur.

The Chennai Corporation playground opposite Jesus Calls campus is perhaps the busiest work space of Chennai Metro now.  Seen from above, at night, it is abuzz with activity.

Tunnel boring machines have begun carving their way into the earth below as they create the underground rail lines from this point, south wards.

The tunnel will have to be created under the Adyar river and Chennai Metro engineers have said that this is a challenge but not a tough task.

As part of this work, the site boundaries have been expanded on the R. K. Mutt Road side – so vehicles moving from Adyar into Mylapore zone will not only slow down before the Fortis Hospital end, where two areas have been barricaded but also off KVB Gardens.

At the Mandaveli MTC bus terminus junction, a small island of work has been created in the middle of R K Mutt Road while soil testing in and around Raja Street seems to have got over.


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