Kapali Panguni Utsavam: Narthana Pillayar provides darshan atop velli mooshika vahana

Hundreds of devotees who gathered at the eastern rajagopuram of Sri Kapali Temple at 9pm on Monday got a taste of what’s in store for them over the next ten days. The celebration of a great festival.
The loud beating of drums, the nagaswaram artists playing devotional tunes, the sound of the conches, the deeparaathanai at the raja gopuram, voyali of the Sripatham……..this may have been just the start of the utsavam but it had grandeur already.
On Monday evening, as Narthana Pillayar made his way around the Mada Streets on a two and a half hour-long procession on the velli mooshika vahana, the utsavam had rolled out, gently into the night.
– Story, photo by S Prabhu
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