Kapali Panguni utsavam: centuries-old tradition for the Amman carried out

This may look like an insignificant ritual but it carries much meaning and tradition respected over a few centuries.

The Panguni utsavam of Sri Kapali Temple begins only after the grace of the Amman at Sri Kolavizhiamman Temple on the east side of Kutchery Road is sought and abishekam carried out.

And so this came to be carried out on Monday, March 27 at about 11 a.m. when a group of women and men handed over a variety of sweets, savouries and fruits, besides milk and a sari too, to the priest at the Amman temple and abishekam was done.

Oldtimers who joined this event here remembered the former executive officer Kaveri who would lead the procession to the Amman every year when she was in charge of Kapali Temple; Kaveri passed away last year while still in office.

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