Plans for Kapali Panguni utsavam: officials take key devotees-friendly decisions. On traffic, toilets and SOS services

Ahead of the Sri Kapaleeswarar Panguni Utsavam that starts March 28, a preparatory meeting anchored by temple executive officer R Hariharan was held today.

Rajat Chaturvedi, DCP  Mylapore, M Ravi, Inspector of Police, Mylapore, representatives from the Corporation, Metro Water, Fire Service, GCC Health Center, Traffic Police, TANGEDCO and voluntary service organisations participated in the meeting that lasted for over an hour at the temple campus.

Parking at old P. S. School ground

Some positive, devotee-friendly decisions were taken at the meeting.

Inspector Ravi requested the temple to provide parking in the big space available at what was once P S School playground; he said the parking here enabled vehicular movement to be restricted around the Mada Streets during the processional time.

The police say that they intend to implement a complete ban on vehicles around the Mada Streets when the procession is on so the devotees can enjoy a peaceful darshan.

Removal of pavement shops

Another development out of the meeting was on the need to restrict / remove pavement shops during the Panguni Utsavam. Ravi told the meeting that ropes can be placed on the pavement corners during the processional time so that the  pavement shops don’t prop up again when the procession is on.

Mada Streets to be No Parking Zone

He also requested the Traffic Police unit to make the three Mada Streets as No Parking Zone during the processional period of the Panguni Utsavam.

24 hour Ambulance service

Temple officer Hariharan has asked for an ambulance and a fire service vehicle to go behind the chariot through its entire procession to address accidents, if any. A 24-hour alert ambulance would be stationed near the temple complex through the period of the Panguni utsavam.

Ravi told Mylapore Times that a police vehicle with 10 members in it will be present all through the processions.

More Mobile Toilets

There are plans to have mobile toilets placed at appropriate locations near the temple. Hariharan told Mylapore Times that the two toilets outside the temple complex which usually close at 8pm will be kept open for longer hours during the utsavam.

Additional Waste Dump Bins

When asked specifically on plans to dispose large garbage generation, the local Chennai Corporation official told Mylapore Times that at least an additional 15 bins will be placed around the Mada Streets and that the litter will be picked up at appropriate intervals during the period of the Utsavam.

Arubathumoovar Bus Shuttles requested

Temple trustee Arumugam has requested the Traffic Police and MTC to run Arubathumoovar bus specials to and from Luz to help devotees from across the city reach Mylapore and also to head back to their destinations after the utsavam.

Only certified food to be distributed

Another major development from a health and hygiene perspective was the request from temple officer Hariharan to the GCC Health official to provide guidelines for distribution of food during chariot procession and on Arubathumoovar day.

It has been decided that only certified food will be distributed by donors only in pre specific locations on Mada Streets.

Entry and Exit points at the temple

Police officer and DCP ( Mylapore) Rajat Chaturvedi told Mylapore Times that he will ensure that proper exit paths are provided on both the eastern and western sides to allow easy access and exit for devotees.

  • By S. Prabhu
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