This fresh sugarcane juice kiosk in Alwarpet is truly inviting. Take-aways offered.

Green Crush, a juice kiosk, outside White Rose departmental store on Musiri Road,  Alwarpet serves freshly extracted sugarcane juice, on orders.

The neatly-maintained kiosk does not store pre-extracted juice.

On the menu are ‘combo’ juices – juices made by adding lemon, ginger, mint, pepper, thulasi, nannari, jaljeera, among others, to the sugarcane extract. You choose your add-on.

The cost of a ‘plain’ juice per 250 ml cup is Rs.30 while ‘combo’ juice costs Rs 40.

Pet bottles are available for take away juice, as well.  Half and one litre of ‘plain’ juice costs Rs. 65 and Rs 125 respectively, while the same quantity of ‘combo’ juice costs Rs 85 and Rs 165 respectively.

Open from 10am to 10pm on all days, Green Crush undertakes bulk orders too.

  • By V. Soundararani
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