Kapali Temple Panguni utsavam: waste disposal, traffic movement initiatives being discussed

Just under two weeks to go for the much awaited Panguni Utsavam at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.

The 10 day utsavam throws up many challenges for local management and smooth conduct.

Mylapore Times had reported during the utsavam in 2021 on devotees littering South Mada Street on the morning of Thiru Gnana Sambandar Gnana Paal episode (https://www.mylaporetimes.com/2021/03/thiru-gnana-sambandars-gnana-paal-episode-enacted/).

Clearing food and other waste in temple and its precincts is just one big issue.

There are other major challenges that arise during the festival some created by the devotee crowd. And so the temple managers and staff are discussing ways to address the issues better.

More waste bins, temporary washrooms planned
R Hariharan, EO of the temple, told Mylapore Times that they will place enough dustbins during Arubathumoovar, chariot procession and  on the morning of the Gnana Paal episode.

He also said that mobile toilets would be placed on these days in good numbers at appropriate locations.

Unconsumed food packets
It has been found in the past that a large number of food packets remain unconsumed on Arubathumoovar day as the devotees are provided food plates by multiple parties.

Also, in view of hygiene and quality of the food, it would be a positive move if the temple authorities permit only those with a safety standard certificate to distribute food on this day. This would also lead to reduction in excessive supply, is suggestion from people who are keen to see the fest is orderly and the area clean.

Restricting vehicular traffic around the temple complex
On the evening and night of Maha Sivarathri, the temple authorities had restricted the entry of vehicles including two wheelers on the side streets near the temple as well as the tank street. This arrangement worked well, say regulars to the temple.

So people suggest that Traffic Police implement similar rules on the three mada streets.

They also want Police and the HR & CE to officially announce, ahead of the festival, the traffic rules and implement the restrictions relating to vehicular movement at least during some of the major processions over the 10 days.

A  meeting of the temple authorities, Chennai Corporation officials, Traffic Police and others will be held this Saturday morning at 11am at the temple complex to discuss the specific arrangements relating to the Panguni Utsavam

  • By S Prabhu
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