Panguni utsavam; creating a divine atmosphere are these sambrani dhoopam-bearers

The Kapaleeswarar Temple festival is the source divinity and joy in Mylapore.
The devotion of people attending the daily events is strong. Best seen in the in processions.
We spotted a set of people who wafted the traditional sambrani dhoopam in each procession.
Initially, we assumed that this practice was organised by the temple management but as we interacted with Venkatesh, it was known that this was a result of a voluntary initiative taken up by a group of five people.
Formed in 2017, this group, headed by Manivannan whose colleagues are Venkatesh, Vignesh, Jagadeesh and Ruban fund this activity with their own contribution.
Ramping up the initiative this year, several traditional herbs are being added on the sambrani, including kungiliyam, javvaathu, vettiveru, sandalwood powder, rasa karpooram, elachi seeds and other herbal leaves.
The sambrani  vapours waft in the summer breeze and alongside the nagaswaram and band music, creates a divine atmosphere on the mada streets.

– Report, photo by Venkateswaran Radhaswamy

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