Kapali Panguni Utsavam: the simplest alankaram of the utsavam

After a 9 hour long Rishabha Vahana Mada Streets procession on Saturday night and a one hour Ekantha Sevai inside the temple complex on Sunday morning, Kapaleeswarar went on a street procession on the sixth day in the simplest of alankarams.

The Lord had returned to the Thiru Kalyana mandapam only at 8am on Sunday after the completion of the Day 5 procession and within three hours or so he was back for another procession.

Attired in a simple plain white vastram, Sri Kapaleeswarar made a quick procession on the wheels (not carried on the shoulder by the Sripatham), another first during this utsavam, around the Mada Streets just after noon on Sunday.

Karpagambal and Singaravelar too were draped in simple white vastrams for this procession.

Later that night, he provided darshan on the Yaanai vahanam on the eve of the much awaited chariot procession.

  • Story, photo by S Prabhu

One Comment on “Kapali Panguni Utsavam: the simplest alankaram of the utsavam”

  1. After 8 hours of awakening on Vrishabha vahanam the next day the deities are given ‘mangala snansm’ (oil bath) to cool their system. Then the deities take procession in ‘ shukshuma roopam’ invisible manner. Hence in white attire, no alankaram & no vahanam.
    Kapali is not ‘alankara piriyar’. The devotees celebrate his wedding (10 days) decking him and the bride Karpsgamba and enjoy. I have posted the pictures of Pallakku Vizha taken in March 2016 in my FB feed.

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