At Tribute meet for writer-historian Randor Guy, people recall their memories

It was a gathering of some 25-odd people and it celebrated the life and work of Randor Guy, writer, historian and film maker who passed away recently.

Held at Vivekananda Hall in the P. S. School campus on Saturday ( May 20) evening, Randor’s well-wishers shared their memories of him.

First, host S. G. Sridharan who was a close friend of Randor, screened a video recording of Randor’s talk where he traced his colourful life in law, advertising, cinema and writing.

The video was Randor’s sharing with an audience at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan of the manner in which he came to be a popular crime and dark story writer.

Randor recalled in the video how he was influenced by American writer Truman Capote and began to write on Madras’ sensational murder cases; but his first story was rejected by 12 publications and then, off a whim, he had mailed it to ‘Kumudam’ magazine which put it out and it drew a record number of letters from readers and triggered a sensation and this set him off on his writing career.

Actor-film-maker S. Ve. Shekher,  journalist Prakash M. Swamy, actor Sacchu and a few others spoke at this Tribute meeting.

Said Shekher, “This is the first tribute meet where the person whom we remember is talking to us of his  life. Though he is gone, Randor’s writing will speak for his talent and contribution. It is sad he wasn’t recognised well; he should have been given the Kalaimamani award by the state.”

Randor’s daughter Priya thanked the speakers and guests for remembering her father.

This meeting’s host, S. G. Sridharan is at 98400 69507.

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