Feeding cats in Sri Kapali Temple: issue is on the boil. Temple-goers say excreta is polluting

The cats menace that affects the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple campus is getting on the nerves of temple goers who object to people who are feeding them.
On Monday night, there was a small confrontation that brought up this issue.
S.R. Prakash, who has been feeding cats at the temple for a few years, was at the temple fringe on Monday when he was asked by a regular Artha Jaama devotee and theevatti carrier Ramkumar to not feed non vegetarian food inside the temple.
Ramkumar told Mylapore Times on Tuesday that the cats are excreting near the Dwajasthambam and this creates a bad smell and it pervades even during the pooja time.
Prakash would have none of this and continued to feed the cats as he has been for a long time.
He has told this writer many times in recent months that he will take head on all those who object to his feeding.
Temple activist T R Ramesh who has raised many issues relating to the Kapali Temple told Mylapore Times that feeding of non vegetarian food inside the temple complex needs prayischitham.
He said that the temple authorities should take immediate action to stop this act. If they allow this to continue, it would  mean that there is complete lack of management in this temple.
He said that cats should be caught and left far outside the temple.
– Report by S. Prabhu 

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  1. Relocating a cat or dog is a crime and inhuman its a constitutional right of an animal to be fed and cared for pls guide the temple trustees and the feeder could also cooperate by feeding a bit away so that there’s a peaceful coexistence

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