Small group of girls learn basics of kolam design. Summer workshop in CIT Colony.

A kolam  workshop conducted by kolam expert and scholar Gayathri Shankarnarayan at her residence in CIT Colony Mylapore

It was held over a week from  May 8.
The participants learnt to design puli kolams, rice-paste kolams and some special techniques.
Kolam workshop participants seen with workshop guide Gayathri
Some of the participants we spoke to said this workshop helped them tap their creativity, fine tune their eye-finger co-ordination and learn to draw basic kolams.
At the finale, held on Saturday evening, the girls drew a set of kolams on the pavement alongside Gayathri’s residence opposite the local park.
– Reported by Preetha Rengaswamy
WATCH video ( below) by Madhan Kumar of the finale

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