The Path to the Universe / Fiction by R. SAHANA

The Path to the Universe


“Once, in a black void,
an explosion took place,
Without a meteoroid,
the blow started a race…”

Emma shut the Prophecy Room’s door. She sighed. It has been a long time since she and Anne had been exiled to the Eternal Void in a huge and comfy house in order for their huge failure of the project of creating the mountain and causing an explosion in one of the villages which was to turn into a town.

It was a village in The Universe, the only world ever present in what the scientists in the cities of The Universe call The Multiverse. The explosion annihilated the entire village, but, luckily, before the project had started, the village people were told to shift to another city.
The project was to make their land not only look better with these huge lumps of grass, clay and rock, but it was to be used as a resourceful place to extract minerals.

Elville, the Ruler of The Universe, had not warned them before that they were to be exiled, however. He always made a reward or a punishment that was to be given to the Experimenters (such as Emma or Anne). That reward or punishment was never changed.
But that time though, Elville had given the punishment that he would only suspend them from a month of projects and put their rivals (who were people of the same rank as theirs) to their work. This punishment was applied to every extremely resourceful project. The funny thing was that he changed it after the end of their project failure, so furious that he exiled them out of The Universe!

Ever since, they began their new chapter there. Later only was Allaia given as a gift from their friend, Zira, who was still working in the Universal projects.

The door to the Master Bedroom flew open. Allaia, their pet cat, pounced in, followed by Anne.
“Hey.” she said, nodding.

“Hey,” said Emma, then turned her back on Anne and faced the Prophecy Room with a deep breath.
Anne’s eyes went wide. “Don’t.”

Emme opened the door to the Prophecy Room, and then, the Poem of the Great started again:

“Once, in a black void,
an explosion took place,
Without a meteoroid,
the blow started a race,
Who once on a day,
Created a path….”

Emma started to pass out. Anne waved her hand. A creeper appeared at Emma’s feet, followed by more creepers, which made a bed carrying Emma up.

Anne sighed. “I hope those creepers don’t grow watermelons any time soon. But if they do… they might just be useful. ”
“Come on Allaia. Let’s wait in the living room until she wakes up.” Said Anne.

Allaia purred something in reply.

Later, Anne heard Emma put her foot down and walk. She then advanced to the room, and opened the door as slow as she could.

Emma woke up to a bright glow outside. She walked towards the window. She looked out of the windowsill, her hand placed on it. Even though they were floating in nothing but an abyss, The Universe could be seen miles away, surrounded by the blinding lights of stars and galaxies. It was a huge Ball of Wonder, as the citizens in the decillion cities of The Universe put it.

But there was something else beside the Universe, maybe three kilometres away. It was a star. However, that wasn’t the weirdest thing either. The strange thing was that the star was green.

I have never seen a green star in my life, thought Emma to herself.

At that very moment, Emma thought that things couldn’t get any stranger than they already were.
She was wrong.

The Green star exploded. Subatomic particles exploded forth from it, growing bigger every second, until many of them turned into atoms.
Emma gasped as she ran towards the door and was about to open it when the door creaked open by itself.

“What was that?” asked Anne, who was now face to face with Emma.

Allaia purred, “It looks like a star full of life. It just gives me a lot of energy.” She then pounced on Anne’s head on to Emma’s, where she curled up, ready to sleep.

Anne frowned. “You just said you were full of energy! Now you are tucking yourself to sleep.”

Allaia snorted. “I don’t care. Come on! It’s sleeping I am talking about her. Sleeping!”

” Well, it would be nice for us to sleep if we were a cat like you, but we are humans. We just do not find sleeping as amusing as you do.” said Emma, trying to look up at Allaia, who was already snoring, or, in her case, purring away.

Anne sighed. “Come on. We have to, and we definitely have to find out what’s going on out there.”
Emma nodded. “We shall.”

Anne grabbed Emma hard. “Are you ready?”

Emma took a deep breath, which she let out again. “Ready.”

They teleported and appeared a mile away from the cloud of atoms which had formed near the green star.

Anne wagged her fingers at the atom cloud, which consisted of five atoms. The atoms all combined to form a one, huge, single atom.
“I will call this… a molecule, ” said Anne.

” That is a great name for it. It would really suit.” said Emma. Allaia hissed something in her sleep from on top of Emma’s head.
After that, they spent the rest of the time converting clusters of atoms into molecules.

“Don’t you think that the molecules are a bit too big and that we should minimize their size a little?” asked Anne.

“Seems big, doesn’t it?” said Emma.
Anne bit her lip. “Maybe yes, but… how about we bring them to half their size? ”

“Surely.” said Emma.
Anne wound back her hand and brought it down in a slow motion.
And the weirdest thing of all happened.
The Void started to rumble, the molecules becoming larger and larger and combining together. Slowly, the Void started to fill in with rocks the size of a billion-ton ball appearing in front of their faces, all different colours, sizes and shapes.

“Why don’t we name those huge bodies as ‘planets’?” said Anne.
“Perfect name for it.” Said Emma in reply.

Anne took in the beautiful, unnatural scenery before their eyes.
” We have created a World… all because of your sacrifice and my imagination.” said Anne in awe.
” We can name it… the World of Life!” said Emma.
” Yeah…” added Allaia with a yawn and a stretch of her paws after her sleep.

* * * *
After some time, Anne and Emma looked out of their window. There was now another huge world beside the Universe; The World of Life.
“I just… I just cannot believe that… that we have created a world.” said Anne. Emma nodded. Allaia sniffed.

“It is time that we go to the Universe and get ourselves recognized. They still might not believe us completely, but it will have to do.” said Anne.

“You have proven yourself clear.” said a voice.
Emma and Anne turned around. Elville, the Ruler of the Universe and the one who had exiled them stood near the door. He had a stern look on his face.

Perhaps… perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps I should not have exiled you from my world.” he said.

Anne and Emma nodded, then bowed. Allaia pounced over their heads and landed in front of them, causing a huge, white beam to spread to all the corners of the room. Wind blew into Ellville’s face and pushed him back. After the wind stopped, Elville had a faint white twinkle in his eyes.
“We are sorry…” he said, dropping down as people appeared behind him and curtsied.
“We are sorry we caused so many sins in your world.” said Anne. Emma nodded and sniffed. Allaia made a noise that sounded both like a purr and a hiss.

” We are all sorry.” said Emma. The two sides smiled and nodded at each other.

  • Sahana is 11 years old and a student of Vidya Mandir, Luz. She has written a fiction book titled “A Bewitched Monument”; it is on sale online.
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