The Seed – Poem by Shambavi Balachandrasekar

The Seed


A seed of friendship was planted about a year ago,
When conversations were started with just a hello
And people weren’t taken for granted, you know?
When there was nothing that led to overthinking
And nothing that wasn’t all okay with an ‘its alright, bro’

That seed grew and reached a magnificent height
All to be crushed upon by the harsh daylight
Of overwhelmed emotions and confused feelings despite
The fact that I wanted to text them, that night.
And I honestly just want some insight,
As to what was going through their head on that notable night.

Beating the odds, that seed found itself once more
But all wasn’t good when it finally came around
To tell itself that it was going to die, for sure.
The seed, now a withering plant, fought for its life
And it won when it swore
That it was all alright.

But it wasn’t.
And the seed knew that.
It couldn’t grow anymore
Than a few inches because deep inside,
The wound of the harsh daylight
Still hurt and just couldn’t stop with the flinches.

  • Shambavi Balachandrasekar is a Class 10 student of P. S. Senior Secondary School

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