1992 batch of alumni of San Thome School donate Rs.1,95,000 to fund students’ studies

A team of the 1992 batch of alumni of San Thome Hr. Secondary School in San Thome was back at the campus this week.

Members of this group handed over a cheque for Rs.1,95,000 to Brother Sahayaraj, the school principal.

Said Karthikeyan, ” This amount is meant to fund the studies of 32 students whose names the school suggested.”

The batch has been making such donations annually, with contributions from alumni here and abroad.

Karthikeyan said that he took time off  to meet Bro. Selvanathan who was principal during the 1990s and now leads a retired life.  “He carefully listened to us and gave some valuable suggestions to increase participation,” said the old student.

Recently, they had made donations to Montfort Academy which is in the same campus.