PMK leader pats owners of shops in R. A. Puram who used Thamizh in bold in their name boards

When some cadres of the Pattali Makkal Katchi ( PMK) campaigned in the R. A. Puram zone among shop-keepers that they highlight the store name-boards in Thamizh, this was part of the party leader’s initiative.

The message got through to some small business owners and so, recently, PMK founder-leader Dr Ramadoss was at the Chennai Corporation Complex on R. A. Puram’s 3rd Cross to formally ‘open’ the new name boards.

Three shops had redesigned their boards, after they agreed with the coaxing of PMK cadres.

Said R. Shankar, who manages Jazzmen, a popular tailor on the ground floor of this complex, “I went with the idea, redid my board and was happy to do so.”

He said that nobody forced him or the other shop owners to change the name-boards; a civic rule does exist which mandates that the name of business boards must first carry the Thamizh name in bold.

PMK cadres who had their leader around made a big deal of the event, erecting party flags all over.