Sale of signature handlooms like Sungudis, Bandej, Mysore crepe silk, Kalamkari, Eco prints. July 21 and 22

Sthree, managed by Sreemathy Mohan, is presenting a special curation and collection of its signature handlooms, on July 21 and 22 at C P Arts Centre, Alwarpet.

Cotton Gadwals, handloom and hand-knotted Sungudis, Bandej, Mysore crepe silk, Kalamkari, Eco prints, Banarasi silks and heritage Kanjivarams are on display and sale.
Sale is on from 1030 am to 6.30 pm.

What is special about this collection? Sreemathy Mohan, who studies and documents Indian textiles and markets signature saris has this to share –

1. Ayyampettai Kutni border sari – Ayyampettai near Trichy was well known for its satin Ikat borders, and this is recreated in a pure silk sari. The stunning contrast of the satin silk borders, with Tamil Nadu Ikat is the highlight

2. Kaikattu Sungudis – There are very few artisans who are still well versed in the art of handknotting Sungudi. At this sale, are special handloom base saris with handknotted Sungudi from Madurai, and the fine work of kattu chayam on the borders

3. Gadwal cottons – These elegant Gadwals are with silk borders. Gadwal makes the hand korvai border called as “kuttu” in silk, and you have a wide range of colours to choose from

4. Handtied Bandej – Finely handcrafted Bandej on fine count cottons and zari
5. Eco print organzas – Eco-printing is a technique where plants, leaves and flowers leave their shapes, colour, and marks on fabric. Contact prints have been made on the finest silk organza, all in natural dyes.

6. Heirloom Kanjivarams – The fine korvais, vairaoosis, mubaggams which spell tradition on the best  Kanjivaram silks.