‘Half-done’ Metrowater work messes up street in Mandaveli after rains

While the strong spell of rain on Thursday evening helped to lower the stifling heat of the past days, it put some people in a bad mood.
L. Rangarajan of Ramajayam Flats on Thiruvengadam Street in Mandaveli mailed this newspaper to state that a part of this busy street was flooded as it rained.
He says that Metrowater had carried out a pipe-laying job recently and after it was over, the workers causally  filled the open pits with excavated mud and did not even level that section properly.
“As a result, now with the rains, the mud has blocked the openings to the drains, resulting in water stagnation,” he said.
Complaints have been lodged with Metrowater and GCC for action to be taken.
– Photo by Rangarajan
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