Hundreds of people use e-Post at local post offices to congratulate Chandrayaan team at ISRO

While Indians were celebrating the success of  the Chandrayaan-3 mission to the moon on Wednesday, there was a buzz inside the post offices in Mylapore zone. 

People queued up at the e-Post counter here, with a big queue seen at Mylapore Post Office, to send congratulatory messages to the ISRO team at Sriharikota, A. P.

A India Post staff based at Mylapore said that the four post offices in the neighbourhood booked at least 300 e-Posts, all addressed to ISRO.

This trend continued through Thursday and into Friday.

e-Post is like sending a telegram. The message/ communication booked at one post office is transmitted to the post office closest to the destination, printed and enclosed in a cover and delivered. This costs Rs.10 plus tax.

This service is available at all local area post offices, six days a week.