Immersion of images of lord Vinayaka in sea; smooth operations on Pattinapakkam seashore

The day-long operation of the immersion of images of lord Vinayaka in the sea after the celebration of the festival went on smoothly on the seashore of Pattinapakkam.

Police had made extensive arrangements – with barricaded zones, watch towers, security and safety pandals and so on.

So when groups of people transporting the images from this part of the city arrived by bans, lorries and carts, there was a system in place for the immersion.

However, volunteers had to wade into the waters to ensure that the images which kept floating back to the shore, were pushed into the sea as the waves receded.

But the long queue for immersion was heavy and by late evening, there was significant waste lying all along the shore here.

Since the police have  been overseeing this event for some years now at this spot and have files on what needs to be done, the immersion here takes place fairly smoothly.

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