Anuradha calls her kolu ‘educational’. Guests can call and visit to take a look

This is an ‘educational kolu’.

This is how Anuradha Seshadri, a resident of Murray’s Gate Road, Alwarpet calls her kolu for this Navaratri season.

“My ‘educational’ kolu is open to all schoolchildren and they can call me and come and see the display,” she says.

The kolu touches on a bit of the history and geography of India. Anuradha says her kolu illustrates the journey from Indus Valley civilization to Chandrayaan. 

73-year-old Anuradha Seshadri is a retired special educator.  

“I focus on making my kolu creative every year. For this year, I drew my inspiration from a book I read about excavation. I then wanted to know more about ancient civilization. After much research, I designed my kolu to focus on the Indus Valley civilization and on the Vedic age, among others.”

That is why she hopes she can host schoolchildren at her residence and explain themes highlighted in the kolu.

A Mylaporean for more than five decades, Anuradha says she considers Mylapore to be the hub of all cultural activities. 

She adds, “There is much scope to pursue our interests. I love many things here including dining at Rayar’s Café. I also have friends who have been with us for five decades and that keeps me in the comfort zone.”  

If you wish to see the kolu, contact Anuradha at 9840344768.