Mylapore Times Kolu Contest receives fascinating variety of entries

The Mylapore Times Kolu Contest received a fascinating variety of entries this season. And they started to come in since last Sunday evening and ended on the night of October 19, the deadline.

Here are a few features of the kolus whose photos and videos that were shared for this contest –

– The diversity in the bommais stood out. From the antiques to the terracotta, cloth-based, from Papier mache to metal.

– The creative theme-based ‘side sets’ alongside the main kolu were imaginative – from ISRO’s space missions to World Cup cricket, from weddings and concerts, to Puranic themes and legends.

– There were kolus that were set with music being played as a background effect as was the illumination around the kolu.

– There were mini kolus, set in small spaces because the house was small and there were kolus that were spread across two rooms, wall to wall.

– Many families made the effort to hand-write legends and captions to self-explain each set alongside the kolu so guests would appreciate it easily.

The kolus submitted for this contest are being judged this weekend and the ten winners will get their prizes handed over by the Mylapore Times team, hopefully on Monday.

Every participant will get a small gift, posted to them next week.

Videos of the prize winning kolus will be posted on the Mylapore Times channel –

Photo: Kolu of Chitra Sivakumar of Abiramapuram submitted for the contest