Tholkappia Poonga gate facing Mandavelipakkam cannot be opened to public, says councillor

Councillor Amirda Varshini says that the Trust that manages the Tholkappia Poonga ( Adyar Poonga) has said that it will not be able to open a second access gate for the public in the northern side, that is, on South Canal Bank Road – a request made by Mandavelipakkam residents.

She says there are a few issues that do not allow for the opening of this gate, the main being setting up a ticketing counter and staffing it and arranging for communication and computer lines at this spot.

Though there is a gate off the road, opposite the Alphonsa GCC playground, it is kept locked and manned by a guard and used by the Poonga for its own work.

Residents who were keen to access the park closer to their neighbourhood than walk all the way to the main gate near the Music University arch on the other side had made this plea at an area sabha meet with the councillor.